Scott Yancey Go Time Review

My Scott Yancey Review of Go Time

I am familiar with Scott Yancey from his TV program Flipping Vegas and in this review I will tell you more about who he is and his book Go Time.  Scott Yancey’s book is a clear guide to assist those who have a goal to invest in real estate.   He Scott Yancey go time reviewwrites as if he is talking with you at a cafe, just like where he got his tip to invest in the housing market in Las Vegas. With a little background to show how he got to this point in his career and clear directions on how to make a profit in the real estate market, this book is extremely informative. Although he had found his success in Las Vegas and the areas in the West, his steps and tools apply to other markets across the nation. I enjoyed that there are directions, design templates, and examples to show you ways to use them rather than leave you to struggle through it.

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Who is Scott Yancey?

If you’re a regular audience of the A&E struck TELEVISION program Flipping Vegas, you’re very familiar with Scott Yancey. You’ve viewed how he and his other half Amie, team of real estate agents, contractors and others purchase, rehab, and flip homes in the Las Vegas area for fantastic earnings. If you’re not, tune in the next episode for an education in flipping homes for profits. The important things about Scott is that he likes to share and assist others be successful.

What Will Scott Yancey’s Go Time Teach You

Exactly what he most wants to share is his extensive understanding of real estate investing in any type of market; quick, slow, purchaser Scott Yancey with Amie Yanceymarket, seller market, big houses or little ones. There was no doubt that a book like this one would be the only way to share his knowledge in a way that would lead a brand-new real estate investor through step-by-step procedures to prevent unneeded risk and bring real estate investment success. Scott informs you about his “almost biggest mistake” early in the book. It’s a mistake that lots of investor have made. Utilizing the information in the three sections of this book, you’ll not make that error, and it will be Go Time for your success!

Is Scott Yancey’s Go Time Worth Buying

Go Time is available on Amazon for only 99 cents. You can’t go wrong with that price. You can instantly download from Kindle or listen to the audio version. If you want to learn how to flip houses, Go Time by Scott Yancey is a good start.

Where Can You Attend Scott Yancey Real Estate Events?

You can meet Scott and Amie Yancey at their next event. See What Other people are saying about these incredible real e state investing workshops.

My Scott Yancey Review Final Thoughts

I loved the book but I would like to hear what you all may have to say about Scott Yancey, especially if you have attended any of his real estate seminars or workshops. Many of us want to know if the Yancey real estate education is worth checking out live.  Here’s a great video I think you will most certainly enjoy.  Scott and Amie Yancey together in a fun interview about their past and how they came to be.


Wonderful Video of Scott and Amie Yancey

Scott Yancey Go Time Review
  • Simple Step By Step Instructions from Scott Yancey
  • Download Instantly From Kindle or Listen to the Audio Version
  • Easy to Read and Understand
  • Information is Accurate and Actionable
  • A Great Introduction to Real Estate Investing and Flipping Houses
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