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WP Profit Builder 2.0 – Professional Landing Pages Made Easy

What is WP Profit Builder 2.0?

WP Profit Builder 2.0 is a tool that enables you to create custom landing pages on your WordPress site.  It is available in both theme and plugin versions. It comes with over 60 premade templates, but the upgraded version to be launched this March comes with over 100 templates.

Sean Donahoe is the man behind WP Profit Builder 2.0. He is an entrepreneur, an author, and a seasoned internet marketer. If you are going to compare WP Profit Builder to WP Profit Builder 2.0 Boxother plugins, you will notice that it is more affordable and less hassle financially. It requires a onetime fee, which means that you will no longer have to deal with monthly payments.

Anyone Can Create Beautiful Landing Pages Fast with Profit Builder 2.0

When it comes to navigating the user interface, you can operate it even if you are not a pro. As a matter of fact, even those who do not have any coding skills can build pages in just a few minutes. Thanks to the easy to use drag and drop interface. The pages can also easily be SEO optimized. It is a marketing site creation software that helps create any kind of marketing pages to help grow your online business. Through it, you can create high converting landing pages, which in turn increases your conversions and sales.

WP Profit Builder 2.0 is useful in creating professional looking lead generation pages. A lot of visitors will be enticed to opt-in to your page. People who visits your site will surely share it with others until such time that your page becomes viral.

landing page versions

WP Profit Builder 2 – High Traffic, High Conversions

Are you an online marketer? If yes, then you definitely know how important it is to generate high traffic. However, all the traffic won’t matter if you can’t convert them to actual sales. To significantly improve the conversion rate, marketers need to come up with a professional-looking landing page. What many people do is they hire a professional to customize their landing page. The problem is it can be very expensive and could eat a huge portion of your profit. If you are looking for ways to generate high traffic and high conversion without having the need to spend more, then you should use WP Profit Builder 2.0

Does Profit Builder 2.0 Compare to Leadpages?

It is the without a doubt the best WordPress plugin system ever developed. It is the best tool to help you create a professional-looking landing page in a quick and easy way. It comes with professionally designed templates, over a hundred templates for a variety of page types. It comes with a drag and drop editor that enables you to customize the existing template or build your own layouts easily.  If you have an existing website, you don’t need to redesign it for WP Profit Builder 2 works with any themes. It does have optional theme, which is readily available for use.

Over 100+ Templates Included with WP Profit Builder 2.0

The extensive library of pre-designed templates are not only for landing page purpose. You can also use it to create about me pages, home pages, coming soon pages, webinar pages, member portals, local marketing pages, product review pages, FAQ pages, affiliate pages, testimonial pages, and a whole lot more. The list goes on and on.

WP Profit Builder 2.0 Review

Watch the WP Profit Builder 2.0 Review Here

Features Included in WP Profit Builder 2.0

•    It is simple to use. Even if you don’t have any coding and web building skills, you can create high traffic and high conversion page in no time.

•    It has over a hundred pre-made templates for all kinds of pages. New designs are being added and can be used at no extra fee.

•    You can build your own template from scratch easily with the use of the drag and drop editor.

•    It comes with different modules for the drag and drop editor such as videos, images, and countdown timer, audio embeds, pricing tables, buttons, graphs and charts, testimonials, and many more.

•    The designs look great and are responsive on any size screen.

•    You can integrate a whole lot of things like AWeber, MailChimp, PayPal, Constant Contact, Clickbank, and so on.

Why WP Profit Builder 2 Will Help Your Business

More people visiting your page means high conversion and a high possibility of internet marketing tools picturegenerating sales. If you are selling a product and you want to attract a lot of visitors to patronize your product, then you have to use WP Profit Builder 2.0. It helps create high-quality sales pages. The same thing goes for webinar pages. WP Profit Builder helps you create an amazing online events for you to reach out as many targeted visitors possible from different parts of the world.

If you are a blogger, then you need a stunning about me pages. WP Profit Builder helps you create an eye catching about me page, which will surely help you build a beautiful relationship with your visitors. WP Profit Builder is also useful for affiliate marketers who are interested in writing reviews for a particular product.

If you want to get the most out of this amazing theme and plugin system, then you have to invest in WP Profit Builder 2.0  the upgraded version, which is jam packed with state of the art features to significantly improve your landing pages.

Get WP Profit Builder 2.0

The launching of WP Profit Builder 2.0 will be on March 28, 2017.

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Basic Facts about a Gold IRA

Gold IRA is a type of retirement account that enables you to add gold and other precious metals like silver, platinum, and palladium. You might be wondering as to what type of account you can easily convert into gold IRA. Well, there are many such as the simple IRA, traditional IRA, Roth IRA, and many more. In fact, even those non-IRAs can be converted to gold including 401k and beneficiary plan. You just have to consult a financial planning expert to guide you through the process.

It was in 1998 when the IRA allowed the investors to add various forms of precious metals to their individual retirement accounts. Gold and precious metals alike can help in portfolio stability and diversification, tax reduction, and many other benefits. The investment is not only limited in gold. There are also other forms of metals. The most important thing to keep in mind is that such precious metals should pass the requirements of the IRS.

Types of metal coins can be added to gold IRA

Adding gold and precious metals alike to your retirement plan gives it security from gold eagle IRA approvedeconomic downturn. There are stringent requirements for the kind of metals you can add to your gold IRA account. It is important that the metal coins are of high quality. You cannot just add any coins and bullion you want. The gold coins and bullion should be the ones accepted by the United States and are approved by the IRS. You can also add proof coins, which are purchased and sold at a much higher price than the typical coins. Proof coins are known for their high quality and rarity.

Commonly accepted coins to be added to a gold IRA

•    American Gold Eagle Bullion Coin
•    American Gold Buffalo Coin
•    Proof Gold American Eagle Coin
•    Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin
•    Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin
•    Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin

Gold keeping and liquidation

Gold is a money and time worthy investment. Why? Well, as time passes by, the value of gold increases. If you are an investor and you have added gold to your investments, you have to wait for some time so that your investment can grow in value. Basically, the minimum holding period for gold and precious metal investments is five to ten years, the longer the better.

Another great thing about having gold as an investment is that in times of distribution, you have the option to have physical possession of your gold or you can also liquidate and be able to convert into cash. It is all up to you on which form you prefer the most. Liquidating your gold investment is pretty easy. The liquidation process is carried out by the gold IRA custodian. If you are thinking of adding gold and other valuable metals to your retirement plan, then the best thing to do is to consult a financial expert. Get to know everything about gold IRA before making your decision.

Read more about gold IRA approved coins on Apmex http://www.apmex.com/category/10400/ira-approved-gold-products

The Art of Writing Incredible Title Tags that Get Clicks

It will often seem like the more things change the more they don’t change at all. In terms of your blog and website, this is definitely how things are. It’s a terrible cliche, but it is still true. One of the biggest contributing factors to this is the fact that all of the major search engines are embracing the inner workings of social media. What you will see soon enough is that those title tags will come back to you even through the social media platforms and that Google is still going to help you score your website’s SEO. Here are a few things that you need to understand about creating effective title tags.

Don’t Force Something Cool or Witty

Trying to shove something “cool” into the title tag is one of the bigger mistakes that newbies make. You could see just about everything happening online with websites. The title tag for every page should include that page’s primary keyword phrase. Each and every page is going to have the same keyword phrase and a distinct way of being optimized too. So you need to make absolutely sure that you have the right phrases for each tag. It is the first couple of words that need to be able to truly grab the readers.

Offline businesses marketing their sites on the net, or going for local search, absolutely must put a relevant geographic location in the title tag. If you are hoping to succeed at geo-targeting, you need to make sure you do this.

You need to look at your location as well as what is going to be a good idea in terms of search marketing. Sometimes specifics and a narrowly defined title tag are what will work the best for you. If you are in a large and congested metro area, then you would not want to use the tag for the broadest search in your area. Instead, what you should do is use your district or the name of your neighborhood.

Using Browseo with PublishHub

I publish a lot of my posts using Browseo’s Publishub feature.  I’m able to look at variations of my title and choose the one I think looks best.
Check out a Browseo review here: http://rickporter.org/browseo-review-seo-tool-2017/

Watch This Review of Browseo

When you’re trying to write your title tag, try to make it the best tag for that page. Now you know that you shouldn’t ever use more than seventy characters: this is an important length requirement. But you shouldn’t use keyword phrases to fill up that space unless you truly have a long-tail phrase. So simply use your main phrase and then put something in there that is relevant but don’t waste time or space on your domain name. When you have extra space it is better to include the secondary phrase you want to use for that page. You can also include some very catchy and grab ’em by the collar words in the very beginning.

You can actually get pretty creative with title tags just as long as you follow what is right with creating them. There are a few things you can employ that will help catch the eyes and attention of people. You also know how they have to be written so that they will include the phrases that you think are the best.

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